Shtark LAW, PC practice law in Estate Planning, Elder Law, Real Estate and Family Law Shtark LAW, PC practice law in Estate Planning, Elder Law, Real Estate and Family Law

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Shtark Law is committed to provide quality legal services that minimize the financial and emotional burdens of the legal process. We strive to achieve a satisfying resolution to your case with a minimum of expense and frustration.

At Shtark Law we balance thorough knowledge of and experience in law with exemplary personal service. We provide our clients with the information they need to make sound decisions about their legal options and use our negotiation skills to achieve results that protect their personal and professional interests. Our main goal is achieve the best results for our clients as efficiently as possible.

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Good day, Due to the Russian invasion and war in Ukraine, SHTARK LAW, PC organizes all clients, colleagues, and friends who want and can help Ukrainians in this challenging time. Therefore, I, Ilona Shtark, Esq. contacted medical wholesale suppliers and I am able to purchase medication and medical supplies according to the attached list. To avoid misappropriation of funds I decided to accept donations on attorney’s escrow account IOLTA SHTARK LAW PC in Chase Bank. I am purchasing medicines by myself and personally control the shipment delivery to the Ukrainian people. We appreciate any monetary help that you can offer. I will provide a report for each dollar spent along with supporting documentation. Please follow a link for donation

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Respectfully, Ilona Shtark, Esq.



Shtark Law is the law office in NYC which was authorized for training in New York State, as well as in FL, NJ and NY. The law firm nyc is driven by Master of Law from St. John’s University School of Law, who is additionally an individual from the New York Bar Association – Ilona.

The firm has workplaces in NY. The vital standards of Shtark Law NYC law office are advancement, effectiveness and respectability. As the best nyc law firm office in the city, the organization makes progress toward the best savvy monetary choices, acquiring new clients for the entire life.

The group is enormously committed to collaboration and advancement. The connection to the client is to devote one’s an ideal opportunity to represent every one of the client consistently. To have the option to construct clients for life is one of the guiding principle of the firm. As the achievement of accomplishment and accomplishments, working with clients consistently requires constant responsibility.

As the legitimate ny law firm it has numerous areas of training, it is worth focusing on that over the vocation it has constructed solid and immense extent of administrations: domain arranging, senior regulation, family regulation, individual injury legal counselor, as well as land and business arranging. The numerous working environments all over the planet and the enthusiasm about tackling the matter has helped Ilona and the Team to turn into an ardent legitimate pixie for the client.

Grounds and documenting, Mediation and uncontested separation, Property division, Protecting parental privileges in kid guardianship and appearance questions, the firm attempting to lay out suitable spousal upkeep levels. As the senior regulation NY firm, SL assists individuals with medical services needs and with handicaps to apply for Medicaid Benefits. Attempting to foster an arrangement with entrepreneurs to guarantee a continuation and a regulary run of an organization upon the retirement, incapacity, demise, or offer of an entrepreneur’s law firm ny organization. The Estate Planning legal advisors at Shtark Law are always prepared to help the best New York law firm inhabitants to settle on these choices by setting them recorded as a hard copy, so your family will follow your desires.

While since quite some time in the past known as a transcendent player in the worldwide and corporate business world, Shtark regulation has worked out both corporate and case limits that have braced and broadened the full set-up of resources it offers clients as a New York city law firm.

Achievements and development

One more achievement for the firm was the pandemic which started with a Break-Up. The firm and practice bunch have put forth incredible attempts to keep everybody associated during the pandemic, incorporating with themed question and answer contests, blissful hours, book clubs, and innovative occasions where they send a bushel to your home ahead of time for support (like elements for a baking occasion).

In non-COVID times, Shtark Law is extremely friendly, with normal chances to draw in with associates in both expert conditions, for example, practice bunch available time, and less proper conditions, like cheerful hours. During COVID, different practice bunches have tried different things with various approaches to safeguarding this social and collegial climate.

Today, bases base on counseling clients in a few circles. The firm is particularly prominent for its energy work, and addresses the principle players in center businesses and circles. Over the latest a long time, the firm has managed more than 150 proposals for new tasks. The firm furthermore offers perhaps the most unique advanced security while managing client.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable in complex business and exchange based prosecution. We have experience addressing and advising clients in subsidiary and class activities, SEC and other administrative procedures, and inner examinations. Our professional team might address litigants, account holders, and banks’ panels. We have broad involvement with annual assessments, deals and use charges, local charges, and different duties.

In finance, the firm is a market boss in securitization and public cash and has strong gatherings in remaking and land. Shtark Law may furthermore safeguard banks and resources in complex suit.

Progression is basically another piece of life at Shtark Law lawyer firm. Accomplices can spend up to 50 billable hours on improvement related errands to help the firm and clients. As being busy with improvement, others have made instruments to overhaul the usefulness of passing legitimate organizations and applications on to target client needs, among various errands. Clearly the firm was named one of the most imaginative in the NY on various events.

The Future of Shtark Law

The firm immediately begun to expand its impression, utilizing close by lawyers who were somewhat ready in the United States and giving the new legitimate advisors identical association. The law office stands apart as really newsworthy with its significantly regarded corporate, antitrust, and suit practices. SL has been related with high-profile corporate issues, as well as private matters being a vast-growing NY law firm.

After the Covid-19 epidemic, with the ongoing stamm development, a rising again and again question demands a particular definite answer: is it possible that a person who you love might be threatened to die because of the virus? You might wonder how is this connected with law, not medicine. However, there’s definitely a future for measures to prolong life which require assistance every day.

Shtark Law is resolved to offer quality legitimate types of assistance that limit the monetary and enthusiastic weights of the lawful cycle. As a legal law firm we endeavor to accomplish a wonderful goal to your case with the least cost and dissatisfaction. We give a warm welcome to every old and new client!