New York Estate Planning Attorney

Have you ever thought, who will take care of you and operate your finances when you are sick or disabled? Who will get your property, money, and other assets after your death? Establishing an estate plan in the state of New York can help answer these types of questions.

The Estate Planning lawyers at Shtark Law PC are ready to help New York, NY, and surrounding area residents make these decisions by constructing an estate plan for you.

Estate Planning is for Everyone

Estate planning lawyer  helps everyone protect what they own and what they want to pass to their loved ones with limited legal intrusion or obstacles.

Estate planning in New York City and surrounding areas include protecting your home and all of your assets. In contrast, you are alive and instructions for how your New York estate will distribute to your loved ones upon your passing, all with limited estate taxes. Each estate plan is strategic to meet your unique planning needs best.

Estate Planning Law Process

The estate planning process begins with understanding what you wish to protect in your golden years of life and pass down to loved ones. Through a series of questions, a New York estate planning attorney can establish the best legal documents for your estate plan. 

Most estate plans begin with a will. A will is a written document that outlines your instructions after you pass away and directs who will inherit your property. A will must go through the public court probate process. This process may require legal assistance in estate administration or estate litigation. During probate, the New York court investigates the validity of your will and determines if any debts need settling before your assets pass to your designated heirs. The probate process in New York can be time-consuming, costly, and confusing for many families looking to move forward. An experienced New York planning attorney, like Shtark Law PC, can ease your loved ones’ probate administration process.

There is another option for New York estate planning that can assist in the planning process by creating a trust. This option garners more control over your assets and can avoid probate. A trust created during your lifetime holds ownership of your property, which your beneficiaries will receive after your death.   

Your individual needs matter. An experienced state planning lawyer, like Ilona Shtark, can create legal documents like a will or trust to safeguard assets in your New York estate plan.

Estate Planning Lawyer Ilona Shtark

Ilona Shtark is here for you and your New York estate planning needs. Her firm builds upon an attorney-client relationship to meet your goals for the future of your assets. The experienced team can assist with every step of the estate planning process, starting with general planning to estate administration and estate litigation in New York. The estate planning lawyers at Shtark Law PC are ready to help New York residents to make these asset decisions with legal documentation, so your family follows your wishes.

Estate Planning Law Firm in the New York City Area and Brooklyn

During an initial consultation, our New York-based law firm’s attorneys explain the meaning of critical legal documents, such as a Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, Disposition Authorization, and Instructions. We explain why you need to prepare a will and what happens if you die and have not left a will. You also learn about trust, how it works, and how to create it to fit all your needs. 

Our New York, NY, professional team and comprehensive planning strategies help you plan for the unexpected. We assist you with a level of planning that avoids a majority of problems that could occur with inadequate planning. We are here to help you protect your assets and your loved ones while addressing critical issues that may impact the value of the inheritance. Our goal is your confidence and understanding that your asset protection in New York, NY, Brooklyn, and surrounding areas.

Estate Planning Checklist for New Yorkers

Everyone needs an estate plan in New York City, Brooklyn, and surrounding areas to outline what happens to your family, property, future health care, and remains upon death. Having an estate plan in place ensures your wishes are carried out, provides tax avoidance, and makes transitions easier for your loved ones during a difficult time. When drafting your estate plan, it is essential to consider these items to ensure your assets and loved ones are taken care of once you pass. Some items to consider for your estate plan checklist include:

  • Decide which estate planning documents are right for you
  • Decide who your beneficiaries are
  • Choose who will take care of your minor children
  • Determine how your remains will be handled
  • Set up your Powers of Attorney and Living Will
  • Establish your proper asset ownership and identified beneficiaries
  • Consider insurance options for your future health care needs
  • Draft instructions for your Executor/Trustee

Estate Planning Documents to Consider for Your New York Planning

Each New York City or Brooklyn NY estate plan is unique and, depending on your wishes for your assets; your estate plan may include:

  • Living Trust Planning (Revocable Trusts, Irrevocable Trust, Asset Protection Trusts)
  • Pooled Income Trust
  • Special Needs Trust
  • Will
  • Living Will
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Disposition of Remains

Our experienced New York, NY estate planning attorneys can help you decide which documents are best for your plan during an initial consultation. 

As your children grow up, marriages dissolve, property gets sold, or residences change; our law firm can assist with updating your estate plan documents to ensure your assets are appropriately passed to your loved one once you pass. 

Ilona Shtark, the founder of Shtark Law PC, is here for you  to meet all your legal needs in the practice areas of estate planning, Elder Law, real estate law, family law, business planning, and personal injury. Our experienced attorneys can assist individuals and families in New York City, Brooklyn, and surrounding New York State areas with your estate planning needs. Contact our New York law firm today to schedule a consultation for legal advice.

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