Looking for a “will attorney near me” in New York, NY? Actually, estate planning is a crucial aspect, and it’s a reasonable solution for you to find a law office where you can receive professional support.

We know pretty well that writing a will could hardly be an enjoyable experience, as it implies not only acknowledging your inevitable death, but also actively preparing for it. Therefore, a lot of people avoid or consistently put off drawing up this document. However, creating a will is a really essential thing you might do for your loved ones. If you express your wishes in the last will, your heirs will have less trouble when you depart this life. 

If you aren’t thoroughly familiar with these specific laws, consider consulting a proficient will lawyer. Will and estate attorneys will give you professional assistance in preparing a will. Besides that, it’s a wise solution to entrust creating a will to an attorney, as it’s essential to make sure that your will obtains appropriate validation and enforcement.

Last will and testament

If you die without leaving a will, the court makes a decision about who is going to inherit your assets, and this might not comply with your wishes. Basically, New York City and State distribute your belongings among a spouse and children. If you don’t have a spouse and children, or these people are no longer alive, other family members are usually entitled to obtain your assets.

In addition, if there is no last will and testament, the court assumes the power to assign who will look after your children if the other parent is missing or incapable of taking care of them. Also, the person assigned by court will manage the property that belongs to your children. 

Another reason for considering this aspect of estate planning would be interesting for couples who are not married but have a lasting relationship. The thing is that when you depart this life without a will, your spouse won’t inherit any of your belongings according to New York State’s laws of intestacy. Conversely, your partner will receive what you want to leave for him or her if you remember him or her in your will.

To top it off, a will allows you to pass specific items to people of your choice.

So if one or more of these reasons sound convincing in your situation, it’s never late to start looking for “will lawyers near me”.

Reasons to hire a will attorney

Will and estate lawyers are more likely to produce workable solutions to complex family cases. Estate planning can be challenging in a range of situations, for instance, if you are in a second or later marriage, you have recently divorced, you don’t have any children, you have problem children, or a disabled family member. Similarly, the process may be difficult for business owners. So if one or more of the described above situations apply to your personal case, don’t put off asking a will lawyer for legal advice. 

Although it depends on the size of your possessions, you might be concerned about the tax implications they can impose on your hires. A will lawyer in NYC can familiarize you with the effective legal strategies for reducing the tax burden for your loved ones when you depart this world. 

A competent will and trust attorney can draw up a technical and specific will. Having the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience, the will expert can guarantee that the document is prepared in the proper way. Although it might seem that the cost of will with an attorney is too high, and you can write a will by yourself, it’s really worth having it done in a professional manner.

You’ll save you time and avoid mistakes if you hire an attorney. To prepare a will on your own, you’ll need to do a lot of research and learn all the aspects of a will. It’s time-consuming and you are always open to mistakes as you might lack knowledge and understanding of law. A proficient will attorney knows all intricacies and will take care that nothing is overlooked.

Testamentary assets

In estate planning, assets that can be distributed by a will are called testamentary assets, sometimes referred to as probate assets. The prime requirement for probate assets is 100% individual ownership, with no other owners with survivorship interests. Thus, they can include bank accounts, stocks, bonds, or real estate.

Will and estate lawyers: Q&As

What confirms the validity of a will?

First of all, under New York law, the will has to be in writing. Then, the will must contain the signature of the testator. Alternatively, the will can be signed in the name of the testator, by someone else in his or her presence. This person must also sign his or her name and attach his or her full residence address to the document. Finally, a will isn’t valid unless two adult witnesses are present when the testator signs it. 

Why might I need a will and trust attorney?

Will preparation attorneys from a New York City law firm can assist you in creating a document that states your intent for distributing your possessions after you depart this life. First of all, the will enables you to leave your belongings for your loved ones. Plus, if you have minor children, you can assign a guardian to look after them. Finally, a will allows for assigning a trusted party to handle your property until your children reach the legal age to manage it by themselves.

How do I change my will?

Everyone can revoke, alter or add details to the will as long as he or she is of sound mind. The most typical way to alter the will is by drawing up a supplementary will. This is known as a codicil – an instruction that is attached later to a will. It’s compulsory that the codicil is signed and witnessed in the same manner as the will. 

Alternatively, you can revoke your will or its part in one of the following ways:

  • sign a new will (lawyers that deal with wills strongly advise including the statement that the previous will is revoked in the new will)
  • write a document acknowledging your wish to revoke the will in full or in part
  • destroy the document with the aim of cancelling it.

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