Business planning as it pertains to obtaining government benefits (Medicaid )

New York Business Formation Lawyer

Every business owner needs to consider trustworthy legal representation, especially when creating a new business. Our New York law firm assists our clients in many business ventures, including business formation. Whether the business is a Corporation, Partnership, or Limited Liability Company, our business law attorneys can provide the services necessary to form the appropriate entity for your business in New York City.

Business Lawyer NYC

Ilona Shtark works with New York City and surrounding area businesses for all their legal needs, from contracts to formations to succession planning for the future of your business. Investing in a business lawyer can make starting a business more accessible, especially for business formations like a limited liability company (LLC), or drafting contracts easier to benefit your business goals. For a business succession plan, we work with your business to ensure your company’s smooth continuation upon retirement, disability, death, or sale. At Shtark Law PLLC, we are here to help you take steps to grow your business.

Business Planning Lawyer

As a business owner herself, Ilona Shtark and her law firm understand how to create a business plan to best suit your needs. Every New York City business is different, and our law firm can assist with addressing your individual business goals to reach your business objectives. Our New York, NY legal team can work with you to develop and execute the appropriate legal agreements according to your business. Some of the business planning agreements we offer include:

  • Operating Agreement
  • Liability Partnership
  • Partnership Agreement 
  • Limited Liability Agreement 
  • Shareholders Agreement

Start Business Attorney

Starting a new business can be an exciting opportunity for anyone in New York City. There are many steps involved with starting a business – from limited liability company (LLC) formation to operation/partnership/shareholder agreements – all requiring legal advice. As a business owner, investing in a business attorney who can understand and communicate the laws and regulations that may impact your New York, NY business is a sound partnership. At Shtark Law PC, we understand that every business operates differently and has legal needs that must be addressed to meet your goals as a New York business.

Starting a Business in NYC

The business world is ever-changing. Starting a business in New York comes with its own set of challenges, and having a trusted business lawyer, like the experts at Shtark Law PLLC, can be an excellent asset for your business formation. A growing business may experience many shifts, and the assistance of an experienced business lawyer can help you grow and navigate the legal obstacles your new business may face. Some legal issues your business may encounter include:

  • Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Business Licenses 
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements 
  • Zoning Agreements 
  • Operation/Partnership/Shareholder Agreements

Ilona Shtark, the founder of Shtark Law PC, is here for you and your loved ones to meet all your legal needs in the practice areas of estate planning, elder law, real estate law, family law, business planning, and personal injury. Our experienced attorneys can assist individuals and families in New York City, Brooklyn, and surrounding New York State areas with your business planning needs. Contact our New York law firm today to schedule a consultation for legal advice.

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