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Family Law Attorney

Divorce, child custody battles, or other family law matters can be challenging for any New York family. Shtark Law’s years of experience in New York Family Law gives you the legal advice you need for any family law matter.

Family Law Lawyers

Our New York law office has many years’ experience in family law cases, which equips us to help you navigate through many family issues. Our goal is to provide you and your family with practical and mindful legal representation fit for your unique circumstance.

Some family law matters Shtark Law PC handle within New York, and surrounding areas include:

  • Divorce Case
  • Custody Case
  • Child and Spousal Support Case

Family Law

This legal practice area focuses on issues involving family relationships. Some family law matters vary from state to state. Family law in New York City encompasses the legal regulations of family matters, including:

  • Marriage 
  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Legal Guardianship 
  • Child Custody 
  • Child/Spousal Support

Seeking legal representation, like the experts at Shtark Law PC in New York, is vital to handling you or a loved one’s issues in the family law court system during a family law case.

Family Law Matters: Divorce

Unfortunately, divorce can be an ending result of a marriage. Divorce may cause serious long-term effects, from both a legal and emotional perspective. There are specific legal requirements involved with every divorce, including legal separation methods, selecting where and how to file, property divisions, and child custody or support. Without legal assistance, the divorce process is complicated to navigate. Ensure your divorce issues are in good hands by working with the experienced New York family law attorneys at Shtark Law PLLC. 


Grounds and Filing for Divorce in New York, NY 

In New York State, authorizing a no-fault divorce is possible. This divorce means both parties can dissolve their marriage after 12 months of living apart. However, traditional fault grounds are still acceptable, and we can offer legal advice depending on which type of divorce best suits your situation. To file a divorce petition in a New York family court, one spouse must have resided in New York for at least 12 months before filing.


Mediation and Uncontested Divorce in New York City

Mediation and uncontested divorces are common disputes in a family law case. Divorce court can be difficult when spouses want to resolve their issues in family court.  

In many cases, for New York, families can settle divorce terms without litigation costs and expenses. Our firm works diligently for the resolution that puts you and your children in the best position to avoid mediation.


Property Divisions in New York  

New York State law declares that marital assets and debts should be allocated based on the principle of equitable distribution. Depending on a variety of factors, this division does not necessarily mean an even split. When spouses cannot agree on the division of assets, Shtark Law can advocate for a result that values property accurately and fairly.

Family Law Matters: Custody


New York State Parental Rights in Child Custody and Visitation Disputes

It’s vital for parents of minor children to create a safe, supportive environment during and after a divorce. In nearly every family law case, we stress the importance of each parent maintaining frequent and meaningful contact with their children. 


Child Custody Dispute

For any parent, a child custody dispute is a grave matter. The absence of a parent from their child can be difficult, primarily when a custody case determines the future health, well-being, and development of a child. This type of dispute can feel intrusive for a parent, but in the New York family court, the case determines what is best for the children. This type of family law issue is sensitive and complicated, so working with an experienced law firm like Shtark Law PC, can give your child custody case the personal attention and time it deserves to protect you as a parent and your children.


Visitation Disputes 

Visitation planning may include a schedule for the non-residential parent to have time with the children. Visitation disputes can require legal intervention to enforce or obtain visitation time for a parent. A divorce agreement can include visitation rights, but this can be modified or disputed by a parental unit. 

We make a diligent effort to resolve matters of legal and physical custody or visitation through consensus. When this is not possible, we advocate in court for an arrangement that genuinely serves your child’s best interests in New York state. This case includes establishing clear visitation guidelines for the noncustodial parent and making sure that child support obligations fairly reflect each parent’s financial situation. If you or a loved one have concerns with a visitation agreement, Shtark Law PC in New York can assist in handling your case to reach a fair and just resolution for your family.

Family Law Matters: Child/Spousal Support

New York Child Support

Child support refers to a parent’s payment on behalf of a child in New York until the child turns 21. Child support payments are overall non-taxable to the recipient parent, and non-tax deductible by the payor parent. The law allows parents to make their agreements about how best to support their children but having an experienced family law attorney to mediate the agreements can help navigate this family law matter.  

Some expenses that can help determine the cost of child support and mediation by a family law lawyer include the following:

  • Child Care expenses 
  • Education expenses 
  • Health Care expenses
  • Other expenses unique to the support of your children

New York Spousal Support Maintenance Levels

Divorcing couples in New York need to be aware of recent changes in New York’s spousal maintenance law. The new rules provide a complete assessment of each party’s assets and obligations, including retirement accounts and child support payments. Our family law attorneys are here to help you understand what you can expect to receive or pay and bring all relevant information to the court’s attention.

The New York court system may consider the following when determining spousal support maintenance levels:

  • Length of marriage 
  • Age and health of both parties
  • Division of property
  • Education level of each party at the time of marriage and time of separation 
  • Earning capacity of both parties 
  • Tax consequences to both parties 
  • Pre-marital and post-marital agreements 
  • Contributions of one party to the education, training, or increased earning power of the other

Once the New York court has determined that a spouse is entitled to a level of spousal support, the court can determine the amount the individual should receive per month, a year, or overall length of time in New York or surrounding areas.

Family Law Help

The practice area of family law spans more than just divorce issues into a vast amount of deeper family issues. Attempting to navigate the multiple levels of family law by yourself through a divorce, child support, custody, adoption, or any other form of family law is a daunting task. An experienced New York family law attorney on your side, like Shtark Law PC, can help ease the stress that may surface in any family law issue. Some of the family law cases that Shtark Law can help with include:

  • Divorce Cases 
  • Custody Cases
  • Alimony Cases
  • Child Support Cases 
  • Visitation Agreements 
  • Marital Property Agreements 
  • Civil Protection Order Cases

Ilona Shtark, the founder of Shtark Law PC, is here for you and your loved ones to meet all your legal needs in the practice areas of estate planning, Elder Law, real estate law, family law, business planning, and personal injury. Our experienced attorneys can assist individuals and families in New York City, Brooklyn, and surrounding New York State areas with your family law needs. Contact our New York law firm today to schedule a consultation for legal advice.

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