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The world has dramatically changed over the last few decades, and the common belief that mothers are better able to take care of children is already a thing of the past. Still, while going through a divorce, many fathers feel that they haven’t been granted all the rights they deserve. If you are the father of minor children, you might need an experienced father’s rights lawyer to ensure that all your rights are protected.

At Shtark Law, we realize how the loss of daily contact with your children is emotionally devastating, so we do our best to ensure that you play a meaningful role in your child’s life. Your needs as well as your child’s best interests are our priority. Our skilled father’s rights attorney is available and accessible whenever our clients have questions. Contact our law firm if you need father’s rights help. We’ll give you a professional legal advice, familiarize you with your options and also keep you up-to-date on all developments in your case.

Father’s Rights

A father has basic rights concerning upbringing, supporting, and communicating with the child. What is more, it also reflects the child’s right to have equal relationships with both parents. Therefore, it is in the best interests of each member of the family that a father takes on his role in the child’s growth and development. Let’s have a closer look at your rights as a father.

Father’s rights after divorce

The most critical issues occur when it comes to establishing custody and parenting time for divorcing parents. Family law requires that the child’s interests matter most. Each child needs both parents, so you shouldn’t give up if you feel that your rights as a father are minimized. A father’s custody lawyer in New York City law firm Shtark Law PC approaches each case individually to ensure that your and your child’s needs are best met in the court.

Child custody

Keep in mind that child custody involves physical custody and legal custody. The child stays with the parent who is granted physical custody, and is under the actual physical care of the custodial parent. Typically, mothers are awarded physical custody. However, the court makes decisions so that the child’s needs and best interests are met. If you feel that it would be better for your child if you as a father are given sole physical custody, our father’s rights attorney will give you the necessary legal support and protect this right of yours. Also, you might seek joint physical custody. It means that your child will live with you and your ex-wife for equal periods of time. Yet, keep in mind that this may be stressful for the kid.

Legal custody refers to making important decisions about the child’s education, health care, religion and other related things. We know how important for you it is to take part in your child’s life, so our attorneys will work hard to ensure that you and your wife get joint legal custody.

Visitation and parenting time

If your wife becomes a custodial parent, you gain visitation rights. Obviously, if you spend less time with a child than the other parent, the bonds between you and your child can deteriorate. Therefore, a parenting plan comes as a crucial part of every divorce process. The parenting plan must reflect the child’s physical and psychological needs.

Unfortunately, there are situations when the parent who has been granted sole physical custody does everything possible to exclude the noncustodial parent from the child’s life. Your ex-spouse might feel hurt or angry with you, but do emotions give her the right to manipulate you and deprive the child of having a father in his or her life? Certainly, the answer is “NO.” Shtark Law attorneys are here to give you a hand when you need to protect your father’s rights. Apart from ensuring that you’ll spend with your child enough time, we’ll take care that you’ll have regular contact with the child, for instance through video calls.

Some other father’s rights you might be interested in

Beyond child custody and visitation rights, each father has rights concerning paternity. Our father custody attorney will help you to establish paternity, which is crucial if your ex-wife is married to another man. Also, remember that you have the legal right to object against third-party adoption of your biological child.

Fathers custody lawyer will help you handle child support issues

Sometimes judges are sure that women have to get child support payments without contributing their money to the child’s expenses. Our lawyers will work hard to ensure that both parents contribute their fair share of the child support amount.

Father’s Rights Help

Working with Shtark Law PC, you will get a personalized approach, viable legal strategies, and optimal solutions. Our number one priority is to guarantee that your rights are defended and your child’s best interests are addressed as the major objective. If you need a lawyer for father’s rights, contact us.

With our broad experience, we can effectively deal with the matters such as custody and visitation arrangements, paternity disputes and child support modifications.

Father’s Rights Lawyer

As a father, you have the same rights as your child’s mother. But, in New York, a father won’t be awarded custody or visitation rights if he hasn’t established paternity. Although there is much talk that fathers and mothers are treated equally in the process of divorce, many fathers feel that their rights are minimized. At Shtark Law, we will use our knowledge and experience that this won’t happen to you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation. We approach attorney client relationships with great care, providing tailored service for each custom case. Remember: your child needs a father, so it would be irresponsible to waste the opportunity to protect your rights.

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