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Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury case can include a wide variety of incidents. A personal injury may occur after vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, or other serious injuries where you have suffered while doing nothing wrong. A personal injury may result in being out of work or the inability ever to work again, which can be a lifetime impact on you and your family’s quality of life. If you suffer injuries from an accident or incident caused by another’s recklessness or negligence, you may have cause to file a personal injury suit. Trust Shtark Law PC’s years of experience as a personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Attorney

Our New York team of attorneys will evaluate your situation and work with you to pursue the best possible outcomes. Your personal injury attorney will take the time and consideration needed to reach optimal results for your case. We will take steps to research similar cases and work to get you the best settlement for your injuries. Most likely, the insurance companies will not look out for your best interest, but our experienced personal injury attorneys will. Our New York firm has the resources needed to investigate the scene, gather evidence, and interview witnesses to get the best settlement in New York.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is a form of law designed to protect you if your person or property is injured or harmed because of someone else’s actions or failure to act. You are in good hands with Shtark Law PLLC’s personal injury attorneys. Our New York firm will work on your behalf to ensure that an individual who is seriously injured receives compensation for the pain and suffering.

Personal Injury New York

For various civil cases, like a personal injury case, all states vary on their statutes of limitations. In the state of New York, you have up to three years to bring both personal injury and property damage claims to the courts.

Under New York law, ventilated serious injury victims can sue for their pain and suffering. In the state of New York, there is no “capped” monetary value of these types of damages. A NYC personal injury lawsuit of injured individuals can sue for two types of damages, economic and non-economic.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

In New York City, a personal injury is common after a car accident, slip and fall accident, or other events that lead to you becoming wrongfully injured. These injuries come with extensive medical bills, rehabilitation services, and surgeries. Unfortunately, some of these injuries may lead to long-term disabilities or severe health obstacles. A serious injury could mean a long period out of work or an inability to work. An NYC personal injury can dramatically alter your overall quality of life.

Some potential personal injuries that could lead to a claim in the state of New York include:

  • Car Accident Injury
  • Motor Vehicle Injury
  • Slip and Fall Injury
  • Wrongful Death 
  • Other Serious Injury Cases

Working with an experienced personal injury attorney, like Shtark Law PLLC, you can rest assured that your personal injury claim is in good hands and pursuing the best possible options for your personal injury case in the state of New York.

Potential Damages in a Personal Injury Claim

A civil lawsuit in New York for your personal injury can lead to financial compensation or damages from the party at-fault of your injuries if your case is successful. There are different types of damages available, depending on the circumstances of the victim’s injury and the laws of the state.

Some personal injury damages in New York City can include the following: 


Cost of Medical Bills 

An NYC personal injury may cause mounting medical bills. Some medical bills include continued rehabilitative services or even invasive surgery that can be costly now and in the future.


Lost Wages

Claiming damages of lost wages is complicated in a personal injury case. Your injury may lead to missing work, and specific documentation is needed to recover your lost wages due to a disabling injury.


Pain and Suffering 

In New York, pain and suffering law can encompass a wide range of damages. A court may consider factors when determining the status of pain and suffering damages, including the severity of the injuries, the duration of the pain and suffering, and the details of any physical or psychological trauma.


Emotional Distress

Emotional ramifications can occur in some accidents or injuries. Emotional distress usually must have proven documentation and credible diagnosis to result in damages compensation. 


Wrongful Death 

Wrongful death damages become a lawsuit by the family members of victims killed due to an accident or injury caused by another’s negligence or intentional immoral act.


Loss of Consortium 

The consortium is a legal term that covers a wide range of marital behaviors and responsibilities affected by a personal injury. In New York, loss of consortium can relate to the inability to do any of all services to a spouse and society. These types of losses are challenging to evaluate financially, but the long-term effects become an emotional toll on a marriage and family.

At Sthark Law PC, we will fight on your behalf for what you have lost from day one and continue to work for what you could lose in the future. Let our team of experts help you recover your potential damages and make it possible to move forward from your personal injury issue.

Most Common Personal Injury Actions

A personal injury accident in the state of New York can be very impactful, both physically and emotionally. Our New York law firm understands the escalating medical bills are a toll on you and your loved ones. The most common action taken in a personal injury case is to file a lawsuit. Once you’ve filed a formal lawsuit, a personal injury lawyer will represent your personal injury case in a civil court proceeding. All possible NYC personal injury cases require a strong understanding of the facts, the processes, and the law. You may be entitled to compensation if an accident has impacted you and someone else is liable for any injuries you may have suffered. Working with an injury law attorney, like Shtark Law PLLC, can best assess your case and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Injury Lawyer Cost

What is the worth of your personal injury case in New York? If you are an accident victim, you may suffer all types of losses. Your losses deserve compensation, and you deserve to move forward in your life. Determining the worth of a personal injury case can include many monetary damages to calculate, and there’s not an equation for any given personal injury case. 

Your personal injury case is essential and the personal injury lawyers at Shtark Law can fight for you. In a personal injury lawsuit, together we determine a contingency fee agreement for a fixed percentage of the final settlement of the case paid to you. Investing in a personal injury lawyer with years of experience can ensure the best outcomes, from fair settlements and avoiding settlements with insurance companies for less than what you need to recover fully.  

Ilona Shtark, the founder of Shtark Law PC, is here for you and your loved ones to meet all your legal needs in the practice areas of estate planning, elder law, real estate law, family law, business planning, and personal injury. Our experienced attorneys can assist individuals and families in New York City, Brooklyn, and surrounding New York State areas with personal injury care needs. Contact our New York law firm today to schedule a consultation for legal advice.

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